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The best epoxy for plastic radiator repair would be J-B Weld, which will work on plastic tanks as well as other metal surfaces. item 7 J-B Weld 2120 Radiator And Plastic Repair Kit 7 - J-B Weld 2120 Radiator And Plastic Repair Kit. From my dirt track racing days I will say I have had some luck with a raw egg in the radiator or a little bit of cigarette tobacco but i dont know if i would do that to a daily driver car. Again, I did not use JB Weld on it because it has plastic tanks. J-B Weld understands that it can be overwhelming when selecting a new product. 3.8. In-Store. Anonymous. I first filled the crack with JB Weld cold steel epoxy. This is a quick-fix and should be used only as a temporary solution. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. 4. Not Available. Write a review. 6 product ratings. I let the temp get all the way up to the fans kicking on which is like 230* on the LT1. $15.82. With over seventy specialized products and 50 years of … The Crack in the radiator is contaminated from coolant leaking out through it, so you cannot find anything that will go into the crack and repair it. J-B Weld Brand JB Weld Model J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit Product Dimensions 5.08 x 10.16 x 20.32 cm; 59 Grams Item model number 2120 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Manufacturer Part Number 2120 Cover Included Epoxy Putty^Fiberglass Cloth^Sand Paper^Applicator Brush Item Weight 59 g Give thumbs up. JB Weld will be like Metal after it sets. 5. The only true way to patch a plastic radiator tank is with a true fusion weld. Not Available. Not Available. @oldturkey03 Its not often or if ever I disagree with you but in this case I am . In-Store. JB Weld Plastic High Strength Bonder is a quick-setting, 2-part, urethane adhesive system that provides strong and lasting repairs; Works on thermostat, carbon fiber composites, thermoplastics, coated metals, concrete and more; Works as a Gap Filler Approved panel … Plastic Weld Epoxy Putty; JB Radiator Weld; JB ClearWeld™Syringe; Wood. The JB Weld is great, original repair was still holding!If I had some kind of plastic water tank that had a hole in it I would buy this again. Ratings and Reviews. 2 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 2. Cooler temperature may require longer set time. (and happen to have JB weld on you) LOL... New radiator as they are under pressure and will break again. FiberWeld 1" Pipe Repair Cast FiberGlass Pipe Repair Cast Add to Cart In-Store. Stops Leaks. BUT, aftermarket plastic radiator bowls last about 4 years in my experience. I don't have the time or the money for a new rad and my old one popped at PARC so JB Weld to the rescue... Maybe? GET NOTIFIED OF OUR FREE GIVE-AWAY'S1. 4 years ago. JB Weld or Epoxy is almost a guaranteed failure. Not Available. JB Weld; JB Perm-O-Seal; JB RadiatorWeld; JB Weld Windshield Saver; JB ExtremeHeat; Under Water / Wet. The Radiator Repair Kit enables you to melt pure nylon fill material directly into the base material, creating a seamless, strong repair that will last for the long haul. After four hours I roughed that layer up and then applied a JB Radiator kit—mixing half the stuff and brushing it on quickly (because it sets quickly) , laying down the fiber glass horizontally, then mixing the rest and covering it over a wide area. Works on Plastic Tanks & Metal Surfaces. JB Weld RadiatorWeld Plastic Tank & Radiator Repair Kit. Subscribe to our channel. PlasticWeld™ is a hand-mixable, fast-setting epoxy putty that forms a durable bond to most major plastic types. In-Store. JB Weld Original Cold-Weld Epoxy Adhesive Syringe Mixer - 25ml. One other thing was that I had punctured the oil cooler tank inside the Radiator as well. Shop for J-B Weld Radiator Weld Repair Kit with confidence at AutoZone.com. My 1998 BMW radiator blew a hole in it when my car overheated after the serpentine belt slipped off the idler pulley, JB Weld would not bond well to the type of plastic, however JB Weld stick done in layers will, just sand the area first and clean it will alcohol, my repair held up for nearly a … 2. Not Available. CLEAN-UP: Attach nozzle cap and store in molded tray. J-B Weld Adhesives and Sealants - 'The Original Cold Weld' two part epoxies are effective even in the harshest environments. Polypropylene is a harder plastic, durable enough for use on some car radiator parts. Cheapest price, quick delivery, full warranty and fantastic service. SKU: A1295705. NO PROJECT TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL: We have all the products you need to get the job done right. In-Store. JB Weld is the world famous, two part epoxy adhesive. RadiatorWeld , Plastic Tank & Radiator Repair Kit is a product designed for permanent or temporary repairs on both metal and plastic radiators and plastic liquid storage containers from leaks caused by cracks or holes.
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