Return from Architectural Shingles to Roofing Shingles Make sure that you install the starter strip properly otherwise rain water may leak into the roof, effectively damaging the wooden structure. You can take a lot of help of how to install these in your home by following this post. Count on our team to provide you with exceptional services in architectural shingles repair, architectural shingles replacement, and architectural shingles installation … In most cases, installation starts with the removal of the old roof. Architectural shingles are used to cover roofs primarily because they are quite inexpensive and can be readily installed. Ceramic-coated mineral granules are ingrained in the top layer of the shingle. Architectural shingles are another option, and are installed the same way as 3-tab shingles, ... Now that you've conquered the underlayment and drip edge and plotted your course, it's time to truly learn how to install roof shingles. How to find the right contractor to install architectural shingles. An average roof size in the US is about 1,700 s… They are more resistant to high winds up to 120 mph, rain and snow. Before you install your first shingle, use your utility knife to cut 6 inches off of the side, then lay it on your roof, allowing the architectural shingles to hang between 1/2 to 2 inches over the edge. In each architectural shingle, two layers of asphalt shingles are bonded to each other using asphalt sealant. Architectural shingles can be made to resemble premium roofing materials like cedar and slate and are better able to hide imperfections on the roof surface. There will be a tar strip on each shingle; hammer roofing nails just below that tar strip. Their benefits, however, are not just aesthetic. Different mfg are all different, a higher price DOES NOT mean your going to get more “pop”. Architectural Shingles Installation – We can install architectural shingles to brand new roofs and ensure it’s security for decades to come. The first step is to install the starter strip, which is generally bought pre-cut according to dimensions of the roof. The ¾ piece is aligned over the first shingle,setting aside the ¼ piece to be used later. The old shingles are scraped off, along with the underlayment. Any areas that have damage should also be removed and replaced with new ones. Architectural shingles are heavier than regular shingles, so that will need to be factored into the labor of carrying them up the ladder and assembling them on the roof. Straight Off the Bat: It needs to be stated that not all roofs are made the same and not all roofers charge the same prices. Preparing the roof for architectural shingles is the same as for three tab shingles. For more information on roofing options, follow the links below. Architectural shingles will also need additional roof support due to their increased weight. Architectural shingles are available in two … Architectural shingles have 25-50 year warranties. This practice will help reduce gaps between the shingles, making the roof covering more durable. If you’d rather let an expert take care of things, then here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you. Architectural shingles can be designed to look like cedar shake roofing or slate roofing while offering distinctive color blends, stronger durability, and many other benefits only found in architectural shingles. provides home building information and advice at no charge and in good faith . This profile lends your house a … Having this type of shingles on your roof can also add to your property value more than the traditional shingles. Woven Valley Shingle Installation. This recommendation includes IKO’s premium shingles. Additionally, they have a more dimensional look to them much like a wooden shake or a tile has dimension. Start installing the architectural shingles from the lower left corner of the roof. They come with thicker compositions which mean added protection as well as more color and shape variabilities. While some asphalt shingles can be installed over an existing shingle roof, this can only happen one time. This diagram shows how to shingle a roof with architectural shingles. Materials needed: Advertisement. Before you begin, and while you are working, you should remember to clean off the roof that you are working on. You will have to choose appropriate size of the roofing nails depending on the thickness of the roofing material. These shingles were developed in the seventy's,as a improvement and to be a higher end shingle. © copyright 2010 This method of staggering the joints eliminates the every other row of joint alignment,as with the three tab shingles. Architectural shingles add texture and a three-dimensional appearance to a roof. Architectural shingles are nearly twice as thick as three-tab shingles and are therefore more durable and … If you want to learn more about our architectural shingles installation, give us a call at (832) 766-9994. They are normally treated to prevent algae build up. Install Architectural Shingles. After that, both layers must come off. To find out more about the installation of architectural shingles in Asheville, NC, give us a shout right away at 828-808-5955. They Enhance Curb Appeal. The risk from using it lies entirely with the user. Your email address will not be published. We do not warrant the content of this site and are not to be held responsible when and if any advice or ideas provided are utilized. They are made of a heaver mat base than the three tab shingle,and consist of fiberglass or organic material, and asphalt. For instance, lay down the first row without resizing any of the shingles; in the second row use shingles of six inches length; in the third row use shingles of twelve inches length and so forth until you reach the full size of a shingle. Go to Home page This can be a serious problem. On the sixth row the ½ shingle, that was left over from the third row, can be used. Certified in our high-quality use of Owens Corning asphalt shingles for new installation and re-roofing, we provide our clients with architectural roofing shingles in a variety of artisan colors. Classic asphalt or composite shingles lay flat and have little definition. Architectural shingles; Nails; Hammer; Utility Knife; Here's what to do: At no place on your shingle roof should the shingles line up exactly with the shingles in the previous row. See more ideas about architectural shingles, shingling, roof shingles. Working your way up and across, begin laying your courses. They are normally treated to prevent algae build up. Let’s look at a few. Installation: Architectural asphalt shingles have three-dimensional texture built into them There is no need for tab slots like in standard 3-tab roofing. How to Set Up Photography Umbrella Lights. Start installing the architectural shingles from the lower left corner of the roof. On this account, make sure that it is durable and it has no water damage or rot. According to a leading roofing website, it is easier to install architectural shingles than asphalt shingles. Durability. How to install shingles on a roof Step By Step .This is a roofing demonstration of how to install shingles on one side of your roof DIY . Install new underlayment in the covering rows, starting from its bottom and working up. For the fourth row the 1/4 shingle that was left over is used.It is aligned over the third row shingled. First – before you lay the field shingles (“field” referring to the large expanse of roof within the boundaries of eaves, ridge and rakes) – it’s important to install a preparatory course of starter shingles which are specifically manufactured for that purpose.