Cold Steel's version is approximately 2 ft. long and features a 3-1/4" in diameter ball. Cold Steel Gunstock War Club. He incorporated all the best features from our favorite clubs including the ridged centerline, a short lance point, and the classic "Fawn's Foot" handle. ORDER BY 2:00 PM EST & IT WILL SHIP SAME DAY! Apparently this was based on the Native American weapons that they made to resemble European musket stocks, or were actually made from musket stocks. Collectible Non-Native American Crafts; Collectible Modern Factory Manufactured Fixed Blade Knives; US Native American Weapons (1800-1934) The Gunstock War Club is modeled after Native American war clubs traditionally fashioned out of straight grain hardwoods. 2 viewed per hour. $44 for 12 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer* $44 for 12 months. Details about Gunstock War Club By Cold Steel, Last One! 100% satisfaction guarantee + 60-day money-back returns. SZCO Supplies Damascus Steel Spear Pt. Price: $42.99 / Quantity: Sold out. It is fitted with a removable, short steel spike. Gunstock War Club By Cold Steel, Last One! Only 4 left in stock - order soon. By Cold Steel & Rich Mc Donald. It's called a gunstock war club, and this is Cold Steel's version of it. War Club, Brown DM-5014 Collectibles. Low prices on Cold Steel Knives Gunstock War Club. Item Information. Cold Steel Drop Forged Tomahawk Survival Hatchet - Great for Camping 4.4 out of 5 stars 3,175. Cold Steel Gunstock War Club. The club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene which is practically unbreakable. It is made of polypropelene instead of wood and has a steel spike on it. One more item for my growing COLD STEEL collection. The Gunstock War Club is 29.5″ in length with a 1.5″ thickness and a weight of 35.4 oz. Cold Steel has their own versions of two traditional Native American melee weapons: the Gunstock and Indian War Clubs. Description. filler. This modern recreation by Cold Steel … Maasai Weapon Ebony Rungu Club Traditional Tribal Africa 4.3 out of 5 stars 15. One of the truths of close quarter encounters is that a rifle, shotgun or musket can be an improvised club in the absence of suitable ammunition or a bayon Both weapons are made from injection molded Polypropylene with realistic wood grain finishes. Gunstock War Club. Condition: New. Minimum purchase required. Price: US $499.00. Cold Steel SKU: 92PGS. Gunstock War Club, Schlachtkeule Mit Stolz präsentiert Cold Steel die moderne Interpretation eines legendären, kulturell bedeutsamen, durch und… Category. Click now to learn more. This war club is quite nice, it is a bit lighter than their other war club but it does have a intimidating triangular blade, mine had a light edge upon receipt, about 5 minutes later and it was sharp enough to cut printer paper. While there are a fascinating variety of historical examples that could have reproduced, the Cold Steel Gunstock War Club was custom designed by blade smith Rich Mc Donald. Related: native american weapons gunstock warclub cold steel gunstock war club native american war club indian war club coup stick tomahawk. $49.99. It will never rot, crack warp, splinter, swell, shrink mildew, or fade. Include description. Share this product. Cold Steel UK » Speciality Items » Gunstock War Club While there are a fascinating variety of historical examples of war clubs we could have reproduced, ours was custom designed by blade smith Rich Mc Donald. Selected category All. $17.97 - $71.92.