The bolt holding the equalizer to the hanger was removed, and then the bolts holding the equalizer to the leaf springs were removed. Required fields are marked *. That is a great story. These are standard on the upscale New Horizons fifth wheels, and they are a pricey but popular upgrade with many RVers who have replaced their factory installed leaf spring suspension with the MORrydes IS suspension on their fifth wheel trailers. Now they are free to go anywhere their hearts desire. After arriving at a new campsite we’ve found our sconce lights dangling and we’ve had several light bulbs on our ceiling fan shatter all over the floor. They are heavier that the standard axle and drum. Categories:The Best RV Products and UpgradesDISCLOSURE: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS, MEANING WE GET A COMMISSION IF YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A PURCHASE THROUGH OUR LINKS, AT NO COST TO YOU. The next step — after admiring how the MORryde SRE 4000 looked between the leaf springs — was to reattach the disc brake calipers, mount the wheels and lower the jacks until the trailer was standing on its own wheels once again. They were wet bolts that we had had installed when our suspension was replaced a while back. The first thing we noticed is that we were chucking around a lot less in the cab of the truck. But the MORryde smooths things out a lot — much much more than we expected! Copyright © 2020 Emily Fagan - All rights reserved, MORryde SRE 4000 Installation & Review – Smooth Trailer Towing. We got set up in a bay and three mechanics quickly got to work. I am looking to upgrade my 5th wheel (Open Range 3X427BHS) with 4000 lb springs (8000 for the pair) and the MORryde SRE/4000. The other two axle/frame attachment points are the two shock absorbers. # morryde # suspension # rvupgrade. Feel free to shoot them an email at or give them a call at (574) 293-1581. The next step was to install the heavy duty shackles (or “wet bolts”) on either side of the MORryde SRE 4000, first bolting together one side and then the other. I have done a couple of searches and there really isn't anything that compares the two systems. We just got back from Michigan and pulled the camper about 800+ miles. The leaf springs look rather “light” considering the load. Depending on if you have two our three axles expect the process to take two to three days to complete. CRE3000™ Leaf Spring Equalizer for Tandem Axle (CRE2-33) by MORryde®. Our 33′ fifth wheel weighs about 13,000# loaded (we weighed it after our first year on the road) and we only have four leaves times four. Without a doubt, a disc brake conversion is one of the best upgrades any fifth wheel owner can do. 7 leafs in which the second leaf down from the top is the same length as the top leaf)”. Thousands of trailer leaf spring suspension reviews, same day shipping. If none of this makes sense, that’s okay. Okay, I’ve just gotta say it. We saw our old leaf springs/shackles as well as the new Independent Suspension that was built that day. We replaced them with 7000 lb. When you hit a pot-hole or go down a rutted dirt road, a 14k trailer will exert a lot more force on its rear axles than on a smooth road. Hi there! Full-time RV Adventures, Couple Travel Blog. Americas Mailbox – Mail Forwarding & So Much More in South Dakota! Not sure how much time or what kind of force it would take to make them join each other and cause a massive failure. Anyway after watching your video I immediately called MORryde only to be disappointed with the +5 month scheduling lead time. These wonderful upgrades meant we no longer had a problem with sagging leaf springs or a faulty suspension system, but the ride inside the trailer had become very harsh. It was now routine for us to find things in total disarray inside our trailer after towing it down even modestly bumpy roads. Therefore, jacks were positioned beneath the axles to hold the axles in place during the job. I did notice some inside tire wear on the side where I had the suspension failure. The mechanic held up the equalizer to show where it had been. We have been truly astonished each time we’ve gone inside the trailer to find everything is still intact. With less jiggling and outright bouncing going on, there will be less wear and tear on every component in the trailer from the walls to the windows and cabinets to all the appliances that were never intended to withstand endless jolts and shocks. Just know that this is a pretty heavy-duty suspension and not at all typical of what you’d find in the average travel trailer. Disc brakes make a world of difference with a big fiver and you could do both brakes and a MORryde install at RTW in one shot and save a little on the labor of getting the trailer jacked up/down and wheels off/on. 0 Comment Report … I had hoped to purchase our future fifth wheel with the MORryde 4000 but sadly the brand moved away from it to a Lippert system. And riding in that truck without the camper on it was *not* pleasant. We recently replaced our fifth wheel trailer’s equalizer with a MORryde SRE 4000, and what a difference this has made when we tow on bumpy roads! Enjoy the smoothest ride and the best handling with an independent suspension system for your fifth-wheel or travel trailer. I see Grand Design is now offering 8k axles as an option direct from Grand Design. It’s awesome!