The two groups fight, when a big crate falls onto Tom, who holds it with his powers, and defeats the witch by throwing it at her. Tom, Angela and Hank fight to stop the moles while Ben creates an antidote, and solve the problem. Ben creates a device that can create anything that is drawn on it. The friends have a contest with Tom, Angela and Ginger in one team and Ben and Hank in the other. Tom and his friends move next to Angela's house. | image = Talking Tom Heroes Logo.png Then he uses it to go to his friends' hero headquarters, and gets a new hero costume elevator of his own. Angela tries to prove that she's a good cook like Hank after she realizes that Tom loves Hank's cooking, but not hers (Tom pretends to have enjoyed it), but fails even after going through so much trouble in cooking the food. Later, the witch is forced to turn Tom and Ben back to normal, and she disappears to everyone's relief.Note: The total duration includes that of episodes 21, 13, 20, 19 and 09 Tom uses a suction cup in his bathroom, but loses control of it, making everything in the room go inside it, include himself. Hank unclogs his toilet by himself, while Tom and Angela explore the volcanic geysers near his home. It Also premiered on Pop and on Boomerang Asia. Meanwhile, the Raccoon Robber steals people's fans and air conditioners for himself. Talking Tom (officially named as Talking Tom Cat) is a video game released in 2010 by Outfit7, in which the title character, Tom, repeats anything said to him in a high-pitched voice, and interacts with the user.[8]. Join them in their TV news studio and express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two tease each other. 37"The Pearl Robber and a Shark"MinjolliYoungeun Seo and others16:05June 25, 2020 (2020-06-25)[214] Meanwhile, a crab catches Angela's tail, and Tom and Angela confine themselves to a beach mat. It would make a good Lego set because lots of people like the Talking Tom games. | EpisodeNumber = 38 I’m Angela. So, Ben makes a makeshift studio for her to record her new song, only for Tom to destroy it by cranking up the volume on the speakers. On 30 October 2018, it was announced that Outfit7 was working on a feature film, with Jean Julien Baronnet producing, it will be a live-action/animated-computer film. [15], Talking Ginger 2 is a game released in 2013, featuring Ginger. Ginger and Angela recover Tom's hero crystal from the drain and give it back to Tom in the nick of time. In retaliation, Angela hits Tom with her makeup kit. This is a Lego set of Talking Tom and friends from the phone apps. He was introduced in December 2014 with the premiere of the, Talking Becca (also called Becca) – A grey rabbit who was introduced in the, Squeak – Tom's Enthusiastic Yellow Pet. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a … The genuine talking parrot has many tricks up his sleeve and he’s ready to have all the fun in the world with you! At the circus, Ginger cheers for a clown who tries to perform well, while the rest of the audience heckles him. [244], The Talking Tom and Friends television series won the Best Animated Series Award at the 2016 Cablefax Awards. The friends, along with the yeti, make slime, when the yeti ruins his by accident. The first three seasons of the show were produced by the Austrian animation-studio ARX Anima. Oh, and there are great mini games to keep the both of you entertained and happy! Extra episodes: Tom tries Yoga and gets hurt trying to impress Angela, so Angela gives him a bell to ring whenever he needs something. During a big storm, water starts leaking into Ben's house due to a tunnel which his friends had dug before. Tom returns home with a present for Hank and hides it from him. | ShortSummary = Hank's power crystal gets broken when the friends save a child from a malfunctioning lift. 3"Giant Bubble Trouble"MinjolliDahye Min6:08April 26, 2019 (2019-04-26)[180] Talking Tom, Actor: Nine Lives. 29"Robber on the Train! Tom's team wins in the last contest, a race, when Ben and Hank crash into the snowball which was made by Tom's team in the beginning. Meanwhile, Ginger is picked up by a garbage truck and returns in the evening, covered in garbage. Tom's predicts that he'll find love, while Angela's predicts bad luck. Talking Tom is the titular character and one of the main characters of 'Talking Tom and Friends''. [231] Sophos employee Paul Ducklin wrote on the company's blog that the message being posted on Facebook promoting the hoax was "close to 600 rambling, repetitious words, despite claiming at the start that it didn't have words to describe the situation. As of April 2020, the app is no longer available. Ton and his friends try to take care of the pet, which keeps on growing, and eventually, Tom goes inside his pet and recovers the berry, only to throw it out and for a venus flytrap to eat it. Run, jump, and save the world in the BRAND NEW Talking Tom Hero Dash! | network = YouTube & ABC Talking Friends was the first animated web series of the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. There are countless ways to play, so it’s up to you to explore and create the unique story of your friendship! It allows the user to interact with Ginger at his birthday party. Tom, Angela, and Hank find gifts that fell out of the sky and use them to disturb each other. Angela offers to make food then, to the horror of the boys, knowing that her cooking is terrible. After Roy Rakoon saves Talking Tom in a hot air balloon crash, Tom is horrified to realise that he owes his life to his worst enemy. Ginger becomes happy.Note: the total duration includes that of Episode 8." Talking Angela tries to save her roommate when she finds out that Talking Becca has been getting her confidence from an evil, mind-controlling wig. [39][40], Talking Tom Fun Fair is a match-3 game released in 2019 in which the player rebuilds an abandoned amusement park. Talking Ginger is celebrating and it's time for the best birthday party ever - with awesome food, fun games and a happy little kitten. After a fortune teller predicts that Angela will get hurt, Tom does everything he can do to prevent it from happening. Extra episodes: Tom's pets role-play as space explorers, when one of them loses its jetpack, which gets stuck on the chimney. Tom and Hank climb a hill to get an apple. He loves photography – almost as much as you’ll love him! Angela goes to Tom's house to yell at him, when Hank shows her Tom's apology video. He’s moved to his own place and now has tons of new accessories. | runtime = 5–7 minutes Tom completes the sticker book for Angela, who is now in a cast, but sticks a sticker upside down. While fixing his TV antenna in the middle of a storm, Tom gets struck by lightning and gets shrunk, and then gets crushed by Hank as he is heading back home. The friends make Tom the seeker and fly away like Tom had done, while Tom carries on his work. Angela considers going on a diet after weighing herself on a scale, and desperately trains with Tom, who has no interest in dieting. The show's first 3 seasons were produced by the Austrian animation studio 'arx anima', while the Spanish animation studio 'People Moving Pixels' produced season 4 and is currently producing season 5. The best endless runner game! | name = Talking Tom Heroes My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game for the whole family. In the middle of a heatwave, Tom and Hank (later Ben) play rock-paper-scissors to decide who fans the other, when Angela comes with a watermelon. I’m not into tech like Tom and the guys – I’m a singer and one day I’m going to be a big star! Get him get ready for bed and have fun along the way! Later, Hank again asks to use the invention on the sandwich, but Ben shrinks Hank with it, to the latter's delight.Note: The total duration includes that of episode 24 Ginger then uses Ben's device to draw elephants that destroy the monster with water., Ben fixes his hoverboard with his magnetic glove. [21][22], Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner game released in 2016, in which the player, as Tom, Angela, Ben, Hank or Ginger, chases a robber while collecting gold bars. There’s only so much crazy a girl While Angela does her makeup, Tom drives recklessly, much to her annoyance. The hand tries to wake Angela up by many methods, but fails. When he experiences a power outage, he redirects power from the power station so that no one else gets power. The friends visit a hedge maze, where the Raccoon Robber starts trapping people by shutting the walls. 15"Invasion of the Moles"Minjolli–17:31September 5, 2019 (2019-09-05)[192] With over 350 million downloads, the worldwide talking phenomenon is a must-play. He also appeared in the first Virtual pet app by Outfit7 named My Talking Tom. [242], The My Talking Tom app won the award for "Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family" at the 2014 Tabby Awards, the global competition for the best tablet app. "[232] Bruce Wilcox, one of the game's programmers, has attributed the hoax's popularity to the fact that the chatbot program in Talking Angela is so realistic. A giant pumpkin starts to kill all nearby plants by sucking nutrients, and the friends kill it by plugging its veins. Talking Tom and Talking Ben are even chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors. Ben works on his news invention, and resorts to using his glove, when the witch from Episode 23 notices him.